And so it begins...

In a quiet corner of Safety Harbor, Florida, a sweet elopement took place on July 28th, 2022. Surrounded by their daughters and Paul’s father, Jordan & Paul took their vows inside of this gorgeous church. Though it was a small gathering, it was all the love and support they needed as the rings were exchanged and their vows to one another were said. 

It was a beautiful day as expected for Florida on this summer afternoon. Though the heat was there, the AC kept everyone cool, calm, & collected as I prepped to photograph the beautiful elopement happening before my eyes and beyond the curve of my camera’s lens. 

Inside the chapel of Harborside Chapel in Safety Harbor, FL

Outside of Harborside Chapel in Safety Harbor, FL

Jordan was assisted by her daughter, Lillian, and her soon-to-be step-daughter, Genevieve, as she primped and readied herself before the ceremony in the large Bridal Room at the venue. I wish I had taken more photos to show you just how spacious this getting-ready room is, but I’m sure that the photos I share here can give you a good idea. The Bridal Room at Harborside Chapel includes multiple mirrors/vanities for a larger bridal party to get ready in, as well as a spacious bathroom for even more space to get ready in. There is even an exclusive space in the Bridal Prep room with curtains to shield herself from her bridesmaids if she wished to surprise her ladies with the “big reveal” of herself in her dress! You can even see the lovely couch in this “exclusive” space that makes for stunning portraits of Jordan <3 

Jordan surprised her daughters with beautiful necklaces to symbolize her eternal love for them and the joining of the two families. It was so heartwarming to watch as Jordan placed the necklaces around their necks.

Lillian helping Jordan into her gown.

A six pence for good luck!

Harborside Chapel's Bridal Prep Room

Jordan gifting her daughters with special necklaces.

As I went to take more photos of the ceremony space, I was greeted by Paul and his father as they arrived. I could tell he was feeling nervous and giddy over the events that were to come! I love seeing a groom who is just so excited to marry the love of his life! 

I let Paul & his father settle into the Groom’s Room for a few minutes before entering to chat with them. We may or may not have had to fuss with the boutonnières for a moment, but in the end we made sure they stay put! Paul’s father even told me the story behind Genevieve’s name, a name passed down from her grandmother who was there in spirit for this day.

As I returned to the ceremony hall, I couldn’t help but think that it was nothing short of a dream! Surrounded by windows and so much natural light, it is truly a space meant for gorgeous bright & airy photos!

Paul's dad placing his boutonnière

Looking good, Paul!

Once Jordan & Paul were ready, it was time for their first look! The front of Harborside Chapel is a beautiful location to capture such a special moment in such a special place!! Look at that smile on Paul's face as he sees his bride for the first time!!

First Look in front of Harborside Chapel in Safety Harbor, Florida

Harborside Chapel First Look

After the first look, I returned to the ceremony hall and I couldn’t help but think that it was nothing short of a dream! Surrounded by windows and so much natural light, it is truly a space meant for gorgeous bright & airy photos!

And so the ceremony began. Paul’s smile as Lillian (his soon-to-be step-daughter at this point) and Genevieve (his daughter) came down the aisle was truly a treasure, but nothing can beat the look on his face as the doors opened and Jordan began to come down the aisle. He truly seemed to be blown away by her beauty!

A special touch to their ceremony included a Sand Ceremony, signifying the union of the two families becoming one. As they poured their sand into the vase, I could see the family’s love for each other growing larger and larger.

Sand ceremony set-up at Harborside Chapel

Inside the chapel at Harborside Chapel

And finally, the moment they had all been waiting for! That first kiss as husband and wife came faster than they knew it! I must confess—I may or may not have teared up a bit (I’m a hopeless romantic—sue me!). Watching Jordan & Paul walk back down the aisle as husband & wife brought sheer joy to my heart, but just wait until you see what their first dance looked like…

Harborside Chapel ceremony

"Just Married!" at Harborside Chapel

Jordan & Paul opted for a first dance in the “Welcoming” area of Harborside Chapel. Sprinkled with rose petals and lanterns underneath the gorgeous chandelier, they shared their first dance as husband and wife. Beautiful & intimate expressions were captured as they embraced one another & danced to their wedding song. It was truly a magical moment to capture...

After such a beautiful moment, we all took a second to breathe and embrace that “Just Married!” Moment! 

Proceeding their ceremony and first dance, we took the opportunity to capture some stunning portraits of the whole family and of course our bride & groom <3 The front of Harborside Chapel is something out of a fairytale and makes for such a beautiful backdrop for family/couple portraits! Just to the right of the chapel are gorgeous oaks that create beautiful glowing light when shot in the afternoon/evening. We captured many photos of Mr. & Mrs. Bialczak under the whispy branches of the oak trees <3 I'll wrap up this blog post by sharing my favorite images from the post-ceremony portrait session!