A Classic Love Story

This wedding at Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay in Tampa, FL blew me out of the WATER! Karissa (also, what are the odds of us having the same name?!) & Jake made such a beautiful vision really come to life! I can't help but adore their dusty blue and white color scheme. These two also got incredibly lucky because when they first booked their venue, the reception ballroom was about to undergo a complete remodel and so they had no idea what the ballroom would end up looking like but in their favor, the ballroom matched their color scheme phenomenally! The wave-like blue carpet in the ballroom made such a stunning accent with all of their other decor.

This day was truly so special to witness. The love and support buzzed in the air as these two were surrounded by friends and family. Karissa is also the final sibling to get married, so of course we had to celebrate this with a photo of her and her brothers showing off their wedding bands (check it out below!).

These two also handled their Sunset Couples Portraits like champs! Florida being its classic ole self decided to have an afternoon shower right as the sun was about to set, but Mr. & Mrs. Hines had no problem dancing away on the dock as sprinkles of rain came down on them. I will say--the clouds made for a pretty epic backdrop! We were even lucky enough to catch the actual sunset once we got back up to their rooftop reception.

I have a feeling that I'll be swooning over this wedding for years to come. Feel free to join me in this swooning by checking out some of my favorite images from their wedding at Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay below!