A Sunny Sunday Morning in Annapolis

I met Sabrina & Jason early on a Sunday morning in downtown Annapolis for their engagement session and boy, I didn't realize just how much magic we were going to create! Though I knew a tiny bit about downtown Annapolis from the time I had spent working here as a travel RN back in 2021, I had to do some research on where to find the absolute best spots for photos. Luckily, one of the spots I came across while researching was this STUNNING mural painted on the Chez Amiz Bed & Breakfast. This mural was painted by Mary Bowen and we can't thank her enough for adding even more beauty to historical Annapolis! It really matched Sabrina's dress too!

Of course, we hit some other classic spots such as the public dock (also called Ego Alley oddly enough), the Maryland State House, the Naval Academy, and a famous alley off of Main St. that showcases the State House in the background. There is truly so much variety in historical downtown Annapolis and the three of us had a great time chatting about our favorite spots for dinner and drinks down there!

Sabrina also came armed with the idea of taking photos at the William Paca House & Garden on Prince George Street. Looking at pictures of the spacious garden, you'd never guess that it's right in the middle of downtown Annapolis! We were surprised to learn that they charge a $25 photography fee as it wasn't listed on their website but they were gracious enough to charge for just the photography fee and refund our admission fee.

Overall, we had an amazing time running around downtown Annapolis to create some gorgeous images that captured their love for each other and for this city that they call home. I am SO excited for the two of them as they continue with their wedding planning and am sending my absolute best to the two of them.

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